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landlord's “increasing the rent” notice – with sample | eforms rental increase letter template
Landlord's “Increasing The Rent” Notice – With Sample | Eforms Rental Increase Letter Template edited by rikas

Rental increase letter template, Rental contracts are usually made between the tenant and landlord to avoid any sort of dispute in future that may demand legal action. Disputes and controversies often crop up in renting a home for domestic purpose or leasing any industrial space.

Disputes can arise from trivial things and thus a rental contract template may save both the renter and the landlord from unnecessary harassment. Maintenance charges, number of occupants, whether other amenities such as net, room heaters are supplied or not, whether cooking is permitted, keeping pets are permitted or not, length of occupancy by the tenant are clearly defined in the contract template. The payment date for the lease and the clause for defaulters, mode of payment are made clear in the template. If all of the requirements are clearly mentioned then both the landlord and the tenant will give another thought before breaking up the specified criteria and certainly will be extra careful to abide by the contract conditions. General trend of individuals is to finalize the agreement via handshake, but in events of postings a legalized document may be the tool for easy solution.

Rental contracts just supply the documented version of verbal agreement which if required can be used for legal purpose. Verbal agreements are also legal but that cannot be enforced by law, since there are no witnesses in these arrangements and it becomes difficult for the court to find out the truth.

Rental contract templates are sometimes available free but they don’t include all the clauses and may omit some critical points. It’s better to get a lease contract template by specialist attorney or purchase a set of contract forms written by professionals. Definitely the terms and conditions of the contracts differ from those of domestic function and industrial intent.

There should be two copies of leasing contracts, a copy of which must be with the tenant and the landlord and must be duly signed by them in the presence of witnesses.

To cut short such contractual arrangement also prevents misunderstanding and helps to maintain a good connection between both the interested parties. Have a look the sample of rental increase letter template below at the attachment page.

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